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On Friday 7th August 2015 the following parishioners (shown left to right) were presented with the Diocesan Medal of Honour.

Mr Anthony John Lette
For his contributions spanning more than 50 years at St Anthony of Padua since his youth, including as President of their Catholic Youth Organisation, an Acolyte and Music Director.

Mr John Knight
For his dedication for more than 50 years at St Anthony of Padua with his wife, Maureen, helping to maintain the school and church grounds as well as coaching the local football teams.

Mrs Maureen Knight
For her many and varied efforts at St Anthony of Padua spanning more than 50 years; actively volunteering on both parish and school committees.

.Sr Joyce Vella RSM
For her inspirational commitment to the parishes of St Anthony of Padua and Mary, Queen of the Family, in particular, her efforts during the inception and development of the Mamre Project under the auspices of the Mercy Order of Parramatta 

Mrs Vicki Baiada
For her active participation in St Anthony of Padua’s parish since its inception as a young child with her parents, Vicki’s involvement has continued through her youth to the present as a parent.

Mr Peter Gardner
For his contributions to the parish of St Anthony of Padua’s for more than 30 years; assisting the Parish in various areas from technological to charitable and, leading the development of the ‘Men’s Breakfasts’.

Mrs Shirley Stewart
For her tireless dedication for more than 40 years at St Anthony of Padua, including her commitment as Parish Secretary for half that time.  She has been compassionate and generous in both her official and unofficial activities at the parish.

Mr Frank O’Malley (not shown)
For his immeasurable contributions at St Anthony’s, for more than 50 years in maintaining the parish and coaching the local sports teams